From the Principle’s Desk

My Dear Francisians,

Warm greetings to all!

It is with immense pride and honour I write this short message as the first term of the academic session 2018-19 draws close to an end. I feel proud for we succeeded implementing all our plans we strategized for the first term. Students’ Handbooks clearly state the schedule of  curricular and co-curricular activities for the academic session. We adhered to the plan strictly and all the activities were conducted as per the plan. This academic session is very vital as we made a conscious effort in implementing the new curriculum prescribed by the  Council. The Council envisions a paradigm shift: an experiential and purposive learning atmosphere where the learner becomes the centre of learning. For the effective implementation of the new curriculum:  teachers were sent for different training programmes conducted by the Council, subject-wise orientation programmes were conducted to deepen the understanding, systematic plan was developed,  a  focused attempt was made to transform teaching-learning process interactive and interesting, and thus an activity based curricular plan was developed by  the faculty under the leadership of HODs. At this point of time,  Management realised the inevitable role of technology in implementing the new curriculum, and thus all the classrooms were digitalized. Today, our classrooms are centres of active learning where technology and creativity are blended to enhance teaching-learning process. Curricular plans included: learning activities, projects, student-centric activities, project assemblies, value based morning assemblies and so on. Skill development is given due importance and listening and speaking skills are conducted regularly in English and II Languages.  Major highlights of this academic session are: our successful participation in KISA Cultural and Sports Events, Ignium : Cultural Fest 2018, Independence Day Celebration, Teachers’ Day Celebration, SUPW Project: Lending  a Helping Hand to the Flood Victims and the Investiture Ceremony 2018.

At this juncture, I would like share a pertinent thought which was discussed extensively when Kerala and Kodagu reeled under torrential rain: need to protect and safeguard God’s creation. Destiny of our nation is determined in our classrooms and it is of supreme importance to instil in our students a genuine love for nature. When I reflected on this important scenario, a bright idea dawned upon my mind: recreating the life of someone who lived in harmony with nature. I did not to think further because the patron of our school, St. Francis of Assisi, is the patron of all those who work in the filed of ecology. He lived his life in union with nature and God’s creation, even to the extent of calling ‘Brother Sun’ and ‘Sister Moon’. A musical on his  will be staged this academic session, first in Kasargod district of Kerala and secondly,  as part of Annual Day Celebration in January by our students. I hope all of you will lend your support in this noble venture. I firmly believe that my Francisians will follow the footsteps of their heavenly patron and make this world a better place to live and love!

Thanking you,

Bro Cletus N
Principal, St Francis School ICSE